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HP ProCurve 2920 Command-Line Interface (CLI)

HP Switch Befehle Übersicht – Kurzbefehlsreferenz Procurve Switche
HP Procurve Befehlsübersich (PDF)
Configuration of HP ProCurve Devices in a Campus Environmen (PDF)

HP-2920-48G# config
HP-2920-48G(config)# no lldp run
HP-2920-48G(config)# show lldp config

 LLDP Global Configuration

  LLDP Enabled [Yes] : No
  LLDP Transmit Interval    [30] : 30
  LLDP Hold time Multiplier  [4] : 4
  LLDP Delay Interval        [2] : 2
  LLDP Reinit Interval       [2] : 2
  LLDP Notification Interval [5] : 5
  LLDP Fast Start Count      [5] : 5

Monitoring with Nagios

Top 5 Best System Monitoring Tools (02.11.2009)
Why is OMD the Best Open Source Monitoring Solution over Zabbix, Zenoss or Sensu (28.11.2013)

  • Use Nagios to check Services (Aapche, Servers, Network, Qmail, MySQL, MemCached, Disk Space, Memory etc) Availability and Manage Alerts.
  • Use Cacti to make Services (Apache, MySQL, MemCached, Redis, etc) performance graphs.

What is the difference between nagios xi and cacti for monitoring?

The main components of OMD are Check_MK, PNP4Nagios, Nagvis, and of course Nagios.