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Espressif ESP32-S3, YD-ESP32-S3 Core Board


Boot Mode Selection
Configure Other JTAG Interfaces
Configure ESP32-S3 built-in JTAG Interface

  • Burning STRAP_JTAG_SEL eFuse will enable selection of JTAG interface by a strapping pin, GPIO3. If the strapping pin is low when ESP32-S3 is reset, JTAG interface will use GPIO39-GPIO42. If the strapping pin is high, USB_SERIAL_JTAG will be used as the JTAG interface.

Strapping Pins

ESP32-S3 has four strapping pins:

  • GPIO0
  • GPIO45
  • GPIO46
  • GPIO3

ESP32-S3: Strapping pins undocumented pull-up resistors (IDFGH-8243) #9731
ESP32-S3-WROOM-2 Datasheet (PDF)



  • Spaced repetition — where studying is spread out over a period of time, rather than ‘massed’
  • Active recall — bringing the information to mind
  • Interleaved — switching between topics during periods of learning
  • Dual Coding — combining words and visuals
  • Concrete examples — using specific examples to clarify abstract concepts
  • Elaboration and Generation — expanding on a topic and creating connections between different ideas
  • retrieval practice
  • metacognition
  • chunking

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