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C++ buzzwords

Can C++ do everything that C can?
Data Structures and Algorithms in C++, Second Edition
40 Algorithms Every Programmer Should Know (Python)

Rainer Grimm

Modernes C++ Inhaltsverzeichnis
Heise: Modernes C++
Blog: MODERNES C++ (englisch)
Blog: MODERNES C++ (deutsch)
Leanpub: C++20 book – Get the details
C++11 für Programmierer

Embedded Signal-Slot

c++ embedded signal slot event loop -qt, A fast and lightweight event loop for embedded platforms., Event Dispatcher and callback list for C++
Yassi: Yet Another Signal/Slot Implementation
Signal-Slot Implementation — Part 1
Signal-Slot Implementation — Part 2
Signal-Slot Implementation — Part 3
Signal-Slot Implementation — Part 4
Signal-Slot Mechanism Explained
Introduction to Sigslots
Relaying Signals
ecl_sigslots Documentation – Embedded Control Library
miso: Micro Signal/Slot Implementation
Qt for non-graphical applications

STM32 Spinlock vs. Interruptlock

EnterCritical() and ExitCritical(): Why Things are Failing Badly
Cortex M atomic operations – Critical section
STM32: LDREX/STREX vs Interruptsperre
Interrupts ein-/ausschalten beim ARM cortex-M3
atomic-lib für stm32
Critical sections on Cortex-M3
LDREX/STREX race condition
DMB instructions in an interrupt-safe FIFO
Lock-free programming: how fresh is atomic value?


Spinlocks – Part 1 – A Basic Spinlock
Spinlocks – Part 2 – Locally Spinning
Spinlocks – Part 3 – Active Backoff
Spinlocks – Part 4 – Passive Backoff
What’s Spin Lock? Spin Lock Vs. Mutex.
Bare-metal ARM firmware reverse engineering with Ghidra and SVD-Loader

STM32 Rotary Encoder

How to interface the rotary encoder to STM32 (CUBE-MX + ATOLLIC)
Implementing a simple menu interface on OLED display
Hardware Debounced Rotary Encoder


LittlevGL on a Monochrome OLED
Demo of LvGL + Zephyr (v2.3) with SSD1306 display
, Demo of LittlevGL controlling a SSD1306 display on Zephyr + nRF52 (PCA10040)

LCDMenuLib2, Create a tree menu. Use it with different lcd types / console output / ssh console.
Display LCD with Menu and Rotary Encoder – Ug8lib – Arduino


Arduino / stm32duino

I2S Interface? HAL?

Arduino I2S sine wave

PCM5102 + PAM8406

2.4 – PCM5102 Sound Board + Loudspeakers

WAVE PCM Soundfile Format

WAVE PCM soundfile format


STM32F4 Discovery MP3 player working – with source code


Basic Electronics: High-Quality Audio with Inter-IC Sound(I2S) Bus


High Quality Audio with I2S – Part 1
High Quality Audio with I2S – Part 2
High Quality Audio with I2S – Part 3

STM32 I2S mit DMA

Учимся передавать звук с использованием протокола I2S, STM32: examples of I2S protocol usage

I2S example code