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Java 8 Lambda Expression, Streams and Functional-style Programming

Java 8 Advanced Streams
Processing Data with Java SE 8 Streams, Part 1
Part 2: Processing Data with Java SE 8 Streams
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Reverse a comparator in Java 8

Stream map() in Java with examples


Monade (Informatik)
Funktor (Logik)

Array to Stream

Java-8: boolean primitive array to stream?
Converting array to list in Java
Count booleans in list
Java Lambda Stream group By and summing integer values/average
Find Sum and Average in a Java Array
How do you find the sum of all the numbers in an array in Java?

Angelika Langer

Übersicht über das Stream API in Java 8
Stream-Erzeugung und Stream-Operationen
Stream-Kollektoren und die Stream-Operation collect()

Creating a custom Collector

Guide to Java 8’s Collectors
Java 8: Creating a custom Collector for your Stream
Custom collectors for better performance
Introduction to writing custom collectors in Java 8
Custom collectors in Java 8



Java 8 MultiMap

Allowing Duplicate Keys in Java Collections
Do it yourself Multi Value Map with Java 8
How to Store Duplicate Keys in a Map in Java?
Use Duplicate Keys in a Map with Multimap from Google Guava
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