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Qt Detecting Memory Leaks

Analyzing Code
Detecting Memory Leaks with Memcheck
Detecting Memory Leaks with Heob
Profiling and Memory Checking Tools

  • DrMemory
  • heob
  • vld

heob, Detects buffer overruns and memory leaks.


GammaRay – Examine and manipulate the internals of Qt applications at runtime
Getting GammaRay, GammaRay is a tool to poke around in a Qt-application and also to manipulate the application to some extent.


Visual Leak Detector (vld) – Enhanced Memory Leak Detection for Visual C++, Visual Leak Detector for Visual C++ 2008-2015
vld – Visual Leak Detector for Visual C++ 2008-2015
DebugView v4.90


Dr. Memory, Memory Debugger for Windows, Linux, and Mac, Memory Debugger for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android, Dynamic Instrumentation Tool Platform
Running Dr. Memory
Preparing Your Application


How to detect memory leaks in QtCreator on Windows?
Is there a good Valgrind substitute for Windows?
Tool for memory leak detection
Advice on checking for memory leaks and dangling resources?

Qt 3D Libraries

Qt 3D
Qt 3D Examples

Qt 3D Basics, CERN HSF Visualization workshop, 28/03/2017

QtWS17 Earth rendering with Qt 3D, Paul Lemire – KDAB

Qt Design Studio

Qt Design Studio 1.2 Community Edition
Qt Design Studio 1.2 released, Published Monday June 3rd, 2019

Qt 3D Studio

Qt 3D Studio Manual
Heise: Dreidimensional mit Qt 3D Studio
Qt 3D Studio — Digital cluster for a car — Integration (Part I)
Qt 3D Studio — Digital cluster for a car — Part II

Qt Plotter Libraries

#inqlude – The Qt library archive: Graphics

Qt Charts Overview, JKQTPlotter – A Qt Plotting Library, an extensive Qt4/Qt5 Plotter framework (including a fast variant and a LaTeX equation renderer!), written fully in C/C++ and without external dependencie

Setting up QCustomPlot
Embedding plots in a QTextDocument

QwtPlot3D (Version 0.2.7, 25 June 2007)
GLC_lib (OpenGL Library Class) (2.5.2 released on 2013-09-26)