ESP32-S3 USB HID Mouse

Hello world with Arduino on ESP32-S3

Chip Model: ESP32-S3
Chip version: 0
Numer of cores: 2
Flash Chip Size: 16777216
Flash Chip Speed: 80000000

USBHIDMouse.h with Absolute Mouse positioning #8133


Raspberry Pi RP2040

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Code coverage

Code coverage is a metric that can help you understand how much of your source is tested.

Code coverage
What is code coverage?

Basic coverage criteria

  • Function coverage – has each function (or subroutine) in the program been called?
  • Statement coverage – has each statement in the program been executed?
  • Edge coverage – has every edge in the control-flow graph been executed?
  • Branch coverage – has each branch (also called the DD-path) of each control structure (such as in if and case statements) been executed? For example, given an if statement, have both the true and false branches been executed? (This is a subset of edge coverage.)
  • Condition coverage – has each Boolean sub-expression evaluated both to true and false? (Also called predicate coverage.)