JavaSE 4, …, 9 Features

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JavaSE 4, …, 9 Features

Java 9 Features

Interface Private Methods
Try-With Resources
Anonymous Classes
SafeVarargs Annotation
Collection Factory Methods
Process API Improvement
Version-String Scheme
JShell (REPL)
Module System
Control Panel
Stream API Improvement
Underscore Keyword

Java 8 Features

Lambda Expressions
Method References
Functional Interfaces
Stream API
Stream Filter
Base64 Encode Decode
Default Methods
forEach() method
Collectors class
StringJoiner class
Optional class
JavaScript Nashorn
Parallel Array Sort
Type Inference
Parameter Reflection
Type Annotations
JDBC Improvements

Java 7 Features

Binary Literals
Switch with String
Multi Catch
Try with Resources
Type Inference
Numeric Literals

Java 4/5 Features

For-each Loop
Static Import

JavaSE 4, …, 8 Features

JavaSE 8 Features

Java 8 Date/Time API (Java 8)
Lambda Expressions (Java 8)
Method References (Java 8)
Functional Interfaces (Java 8)
Stream (Java 8)
Base64 Encode Decode (Java 8)
Default Methods (Java 8)
forEach method(Java 8)
Collectors(Java 8)
StringJoiner(Java 8)
Optional class (Java 8)
Nashorn JavaScript (Java 8)
Parallel Array Sorting (Java 8)
Type Inference (Java 8)
Method Parameter Reflection (Java 8)
Type annotations and repeating annotations (Java 8)
Java JDBC Improvements (Java 8)
Java IO Improvement (Java 8)
Java Concurrency Improvement (Java 8)

JavaSE 7 Features

String in switch statement (Java 7)
Binary Literals (Java 7)
The try-with-resources (Java 7)
Caching Multiple Exceptions by single catch (Java 7)
Underscores in Numeric Literals (Java 7)

JavaSE 6 Features

Instrumentation (premain method) (Java 6)

J2SE 5 Features

For-each loop (Java 5)
Varargs (Java 5)
Static Import (Java 5)
Autoboxing and Unboxing (Java 5)
Enum (Java 5)
Covariant Return Type (Java 5)
Annotation (Java 5)
Generics (Java 5)

J2SE 4 Features

Assertion (Java 4)

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