Qt Detecting Memory Leaks

Analyzing Code
Detecting Memory Leaks with Memcheck
Detecting Memory Leaks with Heob
Profiling and Memory Checking Tools

  • DrMemory
  • heob
  • vld


github.com/ssbssa/heob, Detects buffer overruns and memory leaks.


GammaRay – Examine and manipulate the internals of Qt applications at runtime
Getting GammaRay
github.com/KDAB/GammaRay, GammaRay is a tool to poke around in a Qt-application and also to manipulate the application to some extent.
YouTube: GammaRay Tutorials (Playlist)


Visual Leak Detector (vld) – Enhanced Memory Leak Detection for Visual C++
github.com/KindDragon/vld, Visual Leak Detector for Visual C++ 2008-2015
vld – Visual Leak Detector for Visual C++ 2008-2015
DebugView v4.90


Dr. Memory, Memory Debugger for Windows, Linux, and Mac
github.com/dynamorio/drmemory, Memory Debugger for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android
github.com/DynamoRIO/dynamorio, Dynamic Instrumentation Tool Platform
Running Dr. Memory
Preparing Your Application


How to detect memory leaks in QtCreator on Windows?
Is there a good Valgrind substitute for Windows?
Tool for memory leak detection
Advice on checking for memory leaks and dangling resources?

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