Freescale/Motorola 68HC12

  • PC68HC912B32
  • 68HC912
  • 68HC12
  • HCS12
  • MC9S12
  • MC9S12XS128MAL
  • MC9S12XEP10
  • MC9S12XDT256


Freescale MC9S12 and MC9S12X 68HC12
Freescale 68HC12
68HC12 CPU and Peripheral Overview
Türkisches 68HC12 Tutorial
M68HC12B32EVB Evaluation Board (PDF)
Microcontroller and PLD projects – 68HC11 (Motorola)
Roger’s Embedded Microcontrollers Home Page


GCC-HCS12 Video Tutorials
Getting Started with GCC for Motorola 68HC12 Using DRAGON12 and MiniDRAGON+ (PDF)

GCC Compiler

stackoverflow: GCC toolchain for 68HC12/68HC12X
GCC 3.3.6: 68HC11 & 68HC12 Windows Packages
GCC 3.3.1: 68HC11 & 68HC12 Windows Packages
Weblog GNU 68HC11/12
GNU C and the MicroController eXecutive for 68HC12


ELMICRO: Elektronikladen
ELMICRO: CardS12 HCS12 / S12X Controller Modul
BiPOM: 68HC12 Training Kit – DRAGON12-Plus2

Technological Arts neCore12: “networked embeddable” microcontroller
MicroController Pros LLC: MC9S12NE64 Embedded Ethernet Starter Kit


weixinliang729: Freescale development board for MC9S12XS128MAL XS128
weixinliang729: Freescale USBDM Emulator BDM Support HCS12 HC08 Coldfire Codewarrior
zysz68: XS128 Evaluation Board for Freescale MC9S12XS128MAL

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