xrdp (sesman-Xvnc) Keyboard Layout

How to use Remote Desktop connection against Ubuntu 12.04
XRDP – How To Make your keyboard “special keys” (Alt+Gr, Up,Down,..) working when using XRDP

$ onboard
2015-04-15 18:15:14,063:WARNING:Config: mousetweaks GSettings schema not found, mousetweaks integration disabled.
2015-04-15 18:15:14,407:WARNING:OnboardGtk: vk: XkbGetKeyboard failed.
2015-04-15 18:15:14,481:WARNING:Onboard.XInput: Failed to create osk.Devices: failed to initialize XInput extension
2015-04-15 18:15:14,481:WARNING:TouchInput: XInput event source failed to initialize, falling back to GTK.
2015-04-15 18:15:14,481:WARNING:Onboard.Keyboard: XInput click simulator CSFloatingSlave unavailable, falling back to CSButtonMapper.
2015-04-15 18:15:14,721:WARNING:TouchInput: XInput event source failed to initialize, falling back to GTK.
2015-04-15 18:15:15,868:WARNING:OnboardGtk: vk: XkbGetKeyboard failed.
2015-04-15 18:15:16,866:WARNING:OnboardGtk: vk: XkbGetKeyboard failed.

Microsoft’s proprietary Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

Language Code

@OSLang codes
Locale IDs Assigned by Microsoft
Locale IDs, Input Locales, and Language Collections for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003

German – Switzerland => 0807

Bug Report

Keyboard not working

Keyboard mapping

GitHub: FreeRDP/xrdp/instfiles/
GitHub: FreeRDP/xrdp/instfiles/km-0807.ini

# cd /root
# git clone https://github.com/FreeRDP/xrdp.git
# cd /etc/xrdp
# cp /root/xrdp/instfiles/km-0807.ini km-0807.ini


xrdp tab does not work
Bash auto_completion with Xubuntu and xrdp from windows
Fix for xubuntu/xrdp tab/autocomplete in multi-user environment

Xlib KeySym KeyCode

Nead help to create a shortcut with Xlib in C
Convert ASCII character to x11 keycode
Xkb: How to convert a keycode to keysym

Display *display = ...;
KeySym sym_a = XStringToKeysym("A");
KeyCode code_a = XKeysymToKeycode(display, sym_a);


Xrdp (= FeeRDP ?)
Remmina – The GTK+ Remote Desktop Client

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