nRF5 SDK: Services

ble_ancs_c                  Apple Notification Service client
ble_ans_c                   Alert Notification Service Client
ble_bas                     Battery Service
ble_bas_c                   Battery Service Client
ble_bps                     Blood Pressure Service
ble_cscs                    Cycling Speed and Cadence Service
ble_cts_c                   Current Time Service client
ble_dfu                     Buttonless DFU Service
ble_dis                     Device Information Service
ble_dis_c                   Device Information Service Client
ble_escs                    Eddystone Configuration Service
ble_gls                     Glucose Service
ble_hids                    Human Interface Device Service
ble_hrs                     Heart Rate Service
ble_hrs_c                   Heart Rate Service Client
ble_hts                     Health Thermometer Service
ble_ias                     Immediate Alert Service
ble_ias_c                   Immediate Alert Service Client
ble_ipsp                    Internet Protocol Support Profile
ble_lbs                     LED Button Service Server
ble_lbs_c                   LED Button Service Client
ble_lls                     Link Loss Service
ble_nus                     Nordic UART Service
ble_nus_c                   Nordic UART Service Client
ble_rscs                    Running Speed and Cadence Service
ble_rscs_c                  Running Speed and Cadence Service Client
ble_tps                     TX Power Service
experimental_ble_lns        Location and Navigation Service
experimental_ble_ots        Object Transfer Service
experimental_gatts_c        GATT Service Client
experimental_nrf_ble_cgms   Continuous Glucose Monitoring Service
experimental_nrf_ble_ots_c  Object Transfer Service Client
nrf_ble_bms                 Bond Management Service

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