Lichee Pi (Allwinner V3s)

LicheePi Zero
Lichee Pi Zero


Lichee Pi Zero Documents

github, Lichee Zero: An SD-Size (breadboard-compatible) Cortex-A7 Board, “Das U-Boot” Source Tree, Linux kernel source tree


Lichee Pi Zero Getting Started Tutorial
Latest Lichee Pi Zero topics – ilichee
How to setup build environment?


LicheePi Zero

General Allwinner V3s

Allwinner V3s

Simon Richards

  • Octavo Systems OSD335x
  • iMX233
  • iMX6 PoP (Package-on-Package)
  • Allwinner R8M (C.H.I.P SBC)

Adventures With Allwinner V3s
I made an Allwinner V3s evaluation board (based loosely on LicheePi)

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