How to use CMake / CMake HowTo


Debug vs Release in CMAKE
How can I add a flag at the end of the linking command line using CMake?
Cmake target_link_libraries not linking my library
cflags ‘-Wl,-export-dynamic’ vs linker flags ‘-export-dynamic’


Create a CMake Linux project in Visual Studio
Download, install, and set up the Linux workload
Create a Linux MSBuild C++ project in Visual Studio


Henry Schreiner

CMake: Best Practices (PDF)
ISciNumPy (Blog), A random collection of Science, Numerics, C++, CMake, and Python related topics.
An Introduction to Modern CMake (eBook)
HSF – More Modern CMake (Workshop) (Talk), A talk first given for PICSciE
LinkedIn: Henry Schreiner

dmerej’s blog

Let’s Build Chuck Norris! – Part 1: CMake and Ninja
Let’s Build Chuck Norris! – Part 2: SQLite and conan
Let’s Build Chuck Norris! – Part 3: A C wrapper
Let’s Build Chuck Norris! – Part 4: Python and ctypes
Let’s Build Chuck Norris! – Part 5: Python and cffi
LinkedIn: Dimitri Merejkowsky

The Ultimate Guide to Modern CMake
LinkedIn: Rico Huijbers

SCHNEIDE BLOG – Softwareschneiderei GmbH

Modern CMake with target_link_libraries

Flameeyes’s Weblog

Why would an executable export symbols?

Meson Build

  • Meson
  • CMake
  • SCons
  • Premake
  • Autotools

A simple comparison


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