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Initial commit: 06.09.2017, current HEAD: 25.10.2017 (History)

Initial commit: 15.11.2016, current HEAD: 12.09.2017 (History)

Commit: cxx: Add KConfig option for C++ exceptions, disable by default

Add missing support for C++ exceptions #681
[TW#12147] Unable to switch on C++ exception handling -fexceptions #459
IROM_ALIGN AssertionError when using fexceptions #188 (duplicate)

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HttpServer.cpp compilation error

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ESP32 BLE Arduino by Neil Kolban



$ grep -r tcpip_adapter_init .
./libraries/WiFi/src/WiFiGeneric.cpp:        tcpip_adapter_init();
./tools/sdk/include/tcpip_adapter/tcpip_adapter.h: * tcpip_adapter_init should be called in the start of app_main for only once.
./tools/sdk/include/tcpip_adapter/tcpip_adapter.h:void tcpip_adapter_init(void);
Übereinstimmungen in Binärdatei ./tools/sdk/lib/libtcpip_adapter.a

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