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How to update Windows 8 clock with the internet every time I boot the system?
Window Dienste – die verschiedenen Startmodi Manuell, Automatisch, Verzögerter Start, Start durch Auslöser

w32tm /debug /disable
w32tm /unregister


w32tm /register

sc qtriggerinfo w32time
[SC] QueryServiceConfig2 ERFOLG
DIENSTNAME: "w32time"
          DOMÄNENBEITRITTSSTATUS         : "1ce20aba-9851-4421-9430-1ddeb766e809" [DOMÄNE BEIGETRETEN]


These are the possible reasons that routers are not able to sync with the public time servers: High offset and more between the server and the router

So I installed NTP and hoped that it would magically fix up the issue, but it turns out that NTP by itself is absolutely unhelpful not only in cases of big offset, but also in cases of big drift – it will fix your clock when it is slightly inaccurate, but not when it is inaccurate a lot.

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