github: TinyOS, Main development repository for TinyOS (an OS for embedded, wireless devices).
github: nesC, an extension to the C programming language designed to embody the structuring concepts and execution model of TinyOS
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github: SigFoxTMPDemo

module SigFoxTMPDemoC {
  uses {
    interface Boot;
    interface Leds;

    interface UartStream as UartStreamOut;
    interface UartByte as UartByteOut;
    interface Resource as UartResourceOut;
    interface HplMsp430UsciA as UartConfigOut;

    interface Timer<TMilli> as ReadTimer;
    interface Timer<TMilli> as ReadRspBuffer;    
    interface Read<uint16_t> as TempSensor;

configuration SigFoxTMPDemoAppC { }

implementation {
  components MainC, LedsC, SigFoxTMPDemoC as App;

  // Application
  App.Boot -> MainC;
  App.Leds -> LedsC;

  // Serial to device
  components new Msp430Uart1C();
  App.UartStreamOut -> Msp430Uart1C;
  App.UartByteOut -> Msp430Uart1C;
  App.UartResourceOut -> Msp430Uart1C.Resource; 

  components HplMsp430UsciA1C as UartConfigOut;
  App.UartConfigOut -> UartConfigOut;

  // Timers
  components new TimerMilliC() as ReadTimer;
  App.ReadTimer -> ReadTimer;
  components new TimerMilliC() as ReadRspBuffer;
  App.ReadRspBuffer -> ReadRspBuffer;

  // Sensors
  components new SimpleTMP102C() as Temperature;
  App.TempSensor -> Temperature;  


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