C# and .NET (C sharp and dotNET)

C-Sharp / C#
.NET Compiler Platform, Compiler für die .NET-Programmiersprachen C# und Visual Basic .NET
The .NET Compiler Platform SDK
.NET Compiler Platform-SDK
github.com/dotnet/roslyn, The Roslyn .NET compiler provides C# and Visual Basic languages with rich code analysis APIs

CSC in Windows Path

How to create and run C# program using CMD

> set path=%path%;C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319

Bluetooth GATT Client
Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML)
Universal Windows Platform (UWP)


Visual Studio Express or shortcut: Visual Studio Express
Visual Studio Editions
ic#code SharpDevelop
Free C# (csharp) compiler for Windows 7 and Windows 8 (Microsoft Visual Studio Alternative)

Open Source

Mono Project


.NET Framework
Common Language Runtime
Best way to check if a DLL file is a CLR assembly in C#

Einfache Typen

C#, int or Int32? Should I care?
Difference between int and System::Int32
ecimal vs double! – Which one should I use and when?
Get int value from enum
Cast int to enum in C#

YourEnum foo = (YourEnum) Enum.Parse(typeof(YourEnum), yourString);

YourEnum foo = (YourEnum)yourInt;

General Number:
YourEnum foo = (YourEnum)Enum.ToObject(typeof(YourEnum) , yourInt);

How to convert from System.Enum to base integer?
Enum ToString with user friendly strings
Enum value to string


Bluetooth Framework and Bluetooth Low Energy GATT
github.com/Microsoft/Windows-universal-samples, API samples for the Universal Windows Platform

Microsoft’s DataGridView

#: is there a JTable equivalent?
How to create a DataTable in C# and how to add rows?

Mono’s DataGridView

Mono is not 100% compatible with Windows .NET: example DataGridView!

Bug 9653 – DataGridView after one cell is edited crashes when selecting a second cell
Fix for issues 9653, 22297 #1486
DataGridView with ICustomTypeDescriptor looks empty on Mono
DataGridView and ICustomTypeDescriptor

Alternative: GTK

DataGridView for Linux and MonoDevelop

ADO.NET / Database Access

Database Access
SQLClient (ADO.NET Provider for Microsoft SQL Server)
MySQL C# tutorial
Connecting a MySQL table to a DataGridView control in C#

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