Custom Kernel on Fedora 20

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Building a custom kernel
Building an upstream kernel
Building Only Kernel Modules

Custom Kernel on Fedora

Custom Kernel for Fedora
‘make prep’ breaks on private branches
Custom Kernel on Fedora 20
Not able to build a fedora kernel

yum install kernel

yum installs kernel-devel different from my kernel version
fedora-20 – VirtualBox – Kernel Sources Missing
how to get kernel source code for — 3.8.6-203.fc18.x86_64


How to Compile Linux Kernel from Source to Build Custom Kernel
Guide to building the Linux kernel


Package maintenance guide

$ fedpkg clone -a kernel
$ cd kernel
$ fedpkg switch-branch f23
$ make depend
$ cd kernel-4.2.fc23/linux-4.2.7-300.fc23.x86_64

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