Logic Analyzer / Mixed-signal / Oscilloscope

Rigol DS1054Z

Batronix Elektronik – Rigol DS1054Z
Rigol DS1054Z – Freischaltung Optionen per Key
EEVblog – Riglol Keygen down?
Riglol 1.03d


DSO 068
DSO 112
Acute Digital Storage Oscilloscope TS2212H
Atten GA1102CAL
Atten GA1102CAL 100HMz
Keysight (ex. Agilent)
OWON MSO8102T (100 MHz)
OWON SDS6062 (60 MHz)
Virtins Technology PC based Oscilloscopes
LabNation SmartScope
OsciPrime Open Source Oscilloscope
Nexus Computing GmbH, Hersteller von OsciPrime
OpenCircuits – Oscilloscope
Miniscope v4 (Poland)
MHZ100Q – Open Source FPGA-based 100MHz A/D

Hacks for Rigol

MAXDATA Distributor CH
Batronix Distributor DE
Riglol 1.03d Key Generator
zoll.de Tax free einkaufen
Bad Crypto and a Good Oscilloscope
Erfahrungen mit Oszi Rigol DS1074Z bzw. DS1104Z?
Rigol DS1102E, DS1074Z oder Owon SDS7102V
Rigol DS2072
Hacking the Rigol DS1052E Oscilloscope with Linux

Sniffing the Rigol’s internal I2C bus
Is Rigol DS1074Z hackable to increase bandwidth to 100?
Rigol DS1074Z Oscillosope

mikrocontroller.net: Oszilloskop
What is an Oscilloscope? Oscilloscope tutorials for beginners
Function Generator Tutorial – What is a function generator / signal generator?

Logic Analyzer

Intronix LA1034 LogicPort
saleae Logic Pro 16
IKALOGIC Scanalogic-2 PRO or ScanaPLUS
LabTool | Embedded Artists, Mixed-Signal Logic Analyzer & Oscilloscope (Lab Tool) Solution
Logic Sniffer | Dangerous Prototypes
ASIX SIGMA2 – Logic Analyzer
ASIX OMEGA – Logic Analyzer
Acute TravelLogic Series 4 GHz Logic Analyzer
Acute TravelLogic
Saanlima Pipistrello
Analog Discovery
DreamSourceLab DSLogic U3Pro16
Qingdao Kingst Electronics Co.,Ltd. – LA1010, LA5016


  • LHT00SU1
  • Saleae Logic Analyzer


BitScope Micro
BitScope Model 10
BitScope Pi Oscilloscope


Gadget Factory | Papilio
Gadget Factory | Papilio DUO Kickstarter
Backerkit: Papilio DUO – Drag and Drop FPGA Circuit Lab for Makers
Kickstarter: Papilio DUO – Drag and Drop FPGA Circuit Lab for Makers


Logic Sniffer – An alternative OLS client
Analyzer2Go (STM32)




Linux Logic Analyser – sigrok
JeeLabs: Logic Analyzer
Electronics-Lab.com Blog – Page 1
Electronics-Lab.com Blog – Page 2
Scanalogic 2 Logic Analyzer and Signal Generator Review
Hantek – Tekway – DSO hack – get 200MHz bw for free
RIGOL 100MHz Hack (DS1052E –> DS1102E) Verified for Firmware 2.04
mikrocontroller.net Rigol DS1052E
LPC4370: Filling the Gap between Bare Metal and Cortex A
Teensy USB Development Board
Bus Pirate and Open Logic Sniffer Setup

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