RC Project (Sender: Joystick Receiver: Motor, Servo, LED)

Motor Driver

  • MX1508
  • TB6612
  • BTS7960


  • DC Motor 775 12V-24V 0.32A 15’000RPM, Link
  • DC Motor RS-380SH-4528 7.4VDC (5V-9V) 0.9A, Link
  • DC Motor FC-130SA A 3V-6V 0.230A 20’000RPMLink
  • DC Motor FC-130SA B 3V-7.4V 0.220A 21’500RPMLink
  • DC Motor FC-130SA C 1.5V-3.7V 0.370A 23’500RPM, Link

Motor HowTo
Conrad: Elektromotoren » Aufbau, Funktionsweise und Arten einfach erklärt

Power Supply

Other Projects

tdwXMTR1: A RC controller for Drones (and other things)
Wireless Arduino Motor Driver and Joystick Controller (nRF24L01 and L293D)

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