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Java OpenJDK Kinds of Compatibility

Differences Between Oracle JDK and OpenJDK

Release Schedule

  • Oracle will deliver releases every three years
  • OpenJDK will be released every six months


  • Oracle JDK was licensed under the Oracle Binary Code License Agreement
  • OpenJDK has the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) version 2 with a linking exception


  • Oracle’s is much better regarding responsiveness and JVM performance
  • It puts more focus on stability


Oracle product has

  • Flight Recorder
  • Java Mission Control
  • Application Class-Data Sharing features
  • Garbage Collection options
  • Better renderers

Development and Popularity

  • Oracle JDK is fully developed by the Oracle Corporation
  • OpenJDK is developed by Oracle, OpenJDK, and the Java Community. However, top-notch companies like Red Hat, Azul Systems, IBM, Apple Inc., and SAP AG also take an active part in its development.


Free and Open Source

  • AdoptOpenJDK
  • Amazon Corretto
  • Azul Zulu
  • Bck2Brwsr
  • Codename One
  • DoppioJVM
  • Eclipse OpenJ9
  • GraalVM CE
  • HaikuVM
  • HotSpot
  • Jamiga
  • JamVM
  • Jelatine JVM
  • Jikes RVM (Jikes Research Virtual Machine)
  • JVM.go
  • Liberica JDK
  • leJOS
  • Maxine
  • Multi-OS Engine
  • RopeVM
  • uJVM


  • Azul Zing JVM
  • CEE-J
  • Excelsior JET
  • GraalVM EE
  • Imsys AB
  • JamaicaVM (aicas)
  • JBlend (Aplix)
  • MicroJvm (IS2T – Industrial Smart Software Technology)
  • OJVM
  • PTC Perc
  • Waratek CloudVM for Java

Adoptium / AdoptOpenJDK / Eclipse Temurin

Adoptium Frequently Asked Questions

OpenJ9 / Semeru

IBM Semeru Runtimes

Java Compatibility Kit (JCK) / TCK for Java SE

  • OpenJDK Community TCK License Agreement (OCTLA)

Oracle Accessibility Conformance Report
Gaining Access to the JCK

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