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Tutorial: Create and run your first GitLab CI/CD pipeline


GitLab CI/CD | GitLab Runner Introduction | 2022
Learn GitLab in 3 Hours | GitLab Complete Tutorial For Beginners
GitLab CI/CD Full Course released – CI/CD with Docker | K8s | Microservices!
GitLab CI CD Pipeline Tutorial | Introduction | 2022
GitLab CI CD Tutorial for Beginners [Crash Course]
DevOps with GitLab CI Course – Build Pipelines and Deploy to AWS




CI/CD for Ansible Playbooks and Roles
Automated Java Application Deployment using Ansible
What is Ansible?
Ansible for beginners — Complete end-to-end tutorial video with practical solution #ansible #2hrs
Ansible, Rahul Wagh, Playlist
Ansible Roles and Tasks Exaplained – Part-10 – YouTube


Ansible, Michael Crilly
Getting started with Ansible, Learn Linux TV


Ansible Playbook

What is difference between running the commands ansible and ansible-playbook
Ansible playbooks
What is an Ansible Playbook?
How To Write Ansible Playbooks
How To Define Tasks in Ansible Playbooks

Ansible Tower / Galaxy

Ansible vs Ansible Tower: What are The Key Differences
Difference Between Ansible And Ansible Galaxy – Ansible vs Ansible Galaxy


Understanding privilege escalation: become


Ansible: Execute task only when a tag is specified, ansible_run_tags
Ansible 101 – Include vs Import
How to skip all roles and run all tasks without tagging


ansible.builtin.yum module – Manages packages with the yum package manager
Ansible yum Module Tutorial + Examples


ansible.builtin.apt module – Manages apt-packages
How to use the Ansible apt Module to Manage Linux Packages
Ansible apt module Examples – install packages with apt | Devops Junction



Complete Real-time Deployment on Kubernetes cluster using jenkins CI/CD final Video | HandsOn Lab.


Chef Vs Puppet Vs Ansible

Ansible vs Chef: What’s the Difference?

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