Rust Programming


The Rust Reference
The Rust Programming Language
Asynchronous Programming in Rust


The Rustonomicon

  • the meaning of (un)safety
  • unsafe primitives provided by the language and standard library
  • techniques for creating safe abstractions with those unsafe primitives
  • subtyping and variance
  • exception-safety (panic/unwind-safety)
  • working with uninitialized memory
  • type punning
  • concurrency
  • interoperating with other languages (FFI)
  • optimization tricks
  • how constructs lower to compiler/OS/hardware primitives
  • how to not make the memory model people angry
  • how you’re going to make the memory model people angry


C++ vs Rust: an async Thread-per-Core story


ExecutorService – Waiting for Threads to Finish
Guide to java.util.concurrent.Future


Andrew Sharp

Learn Rust Part 1: numbers, variables, types and functions
Learn Rust Part 2: Structs
Learn Rust Part 3: References
Learn Rust Part 4: Mutable References
Learn Rust Part 5: Ownership
Learn Rust Part 6: Borrowing
Learn Rust Part 7: Lifetimes
Learn Rust Part 8: Lifetimes with Structs
Learn Rust Part 9: Constant Items and the Static Lifetime
Learn Rust Part 10: Methods and Associated Functions

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