EVA2: Development of a lock-in thermal imaging hardware for Optris cameras

Complex Frequency and Laplace Transform

Over Voltage Protection / eFuse

TI Vin=0-100V

Circuit protection, Circuit protection for ESD, surge, overvoltage, overcurrent and EMI
Application-specific port protection, Overvoltage, overcurrent, EMI, ESD and surge protection integrated for USB and HDMI
TPS2400, 5.5-V over voltage protection controller with 100-V input transient protection
TPS2640, 42-V, 2-A industrial eFuse with integrated reverse input polarity protection
TPS2595, 2.7-V to 18-V, 34mΩ, 0.5-4A eFuse with over voltage protection in small WSON package
TPS25946, 2.7-V to 23-V, 5.5-A, 28-mΩ eFuse with bi-directional current support

Maxim Vin=4.5-60V

Complete System Power Protection IC, Protect Your Power System Against Faults with Single-Chip Solutions

MAX14571, Adjustable Overvoltage and Overcurrent Protectors with High Accuracy (This product is Not Recommended for New Designs)
MAX17561, Adjustable Overvoltage and Overcurrent Protectors with High Accuracy
MAX9940, Signal-Line Overvoltage Protector for Low-Voltage Devices

MAX14571 (Not Recommended)
MAX14572 (Not Recommended)

Analog Devices

LTC4360-1, Overvoltage Protection Controller
LTC4367, 100V Overvoltage, Undervoltage and Reverse Supply Protection Controller

LTC436x Series Overvoltage Overcurrent Protection Controllers, Analog Devices’ LTC436x family features fast shutdown to protect low voltage electronics
LTC4365 Surge Suppressors

On Semi

NCP370, Full Overvoltage and Overcurrent Protection Circuit

Buck-Boost Converter

TPS63070: Vin=2-16V Vout=2.5-9V

TPS63070, Wide input voltage (2V-16V) buck-boost converter
SparkFun Buck-Boost Converter
Buck-Boost Hookup Guide
SparkFun TPS63070 Schematic (PDF)
Coilcraft XFL4020-152MEB
Bourns Inc. SRP4020FA-1R5M

TPS65131: Vin=2.7-5.5V Vout=-15V,+15V

fb = resistor feedback network
TPS65131, Split-Rail Converter with Dual, Positive and Negative Outputs (750mA typ)
TPS65131EVM-839, Evaluation Module for TPS65131 – Positive and Negative Output DC-DC Converter

TPS63802: Vin=1.3-5.5V Vout=1.8-5.2

TIDA-050017: TEC driver reference design for 3.3V inputs, mit TPS63802 (Vout = 1.8 – 5.2 ???)
Coilcraft XFL4015-471MEC
AVX Corporation LMLP0707MR47DTAS

Rückstellbare Sicherungen (PTC/PPTC)


Niederohmige selbtstrückstellende PTC-Sicherungen der Serien MF-NSML/MF-USML
Rücksetzbare PTC-Sicherungen


Neu Rückstellbare Sicherungen – PPTC


PTC FSMD0501206 PTC-Sicherung, SMD 1206, 8V, 500mA, rückstellend


Wikipedia Selbstrückstellende Sicherung
Sicherungen mit PTC
Selbst rückstellende Sicherungen

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