Buffer Overflow Attack – Computerphile
Running an SQL Injection Attack – Computerphile
Slow Loris Attack – Computerphile
Cracking Websites with Cross Site Scripting – Computerphile
2FA: Two Factor Authentication – Computerphile
The Problem with Time & Timezones – Computerphile
The Golden Key: FBI vs Apple iPhone – Computerphile
Computers Without Memory – Computerphile
Elliptic Curve Back Door – Computerphile
Elliptic Curves – Computerphile
Characters, Symbols and the Unicode Miracle – Computerphile
Game Physics (in Assembler) – Computerphile
Apache Spark – Computerphile
MapReduce – Computerphile
Password Cracking – Computerphile
Maze Solving – Computerphile
Dijkstra’s Algorithm – Computerphile
“C” Programming Language: Brian Kernighan – Computerphile
Why C is so Influential – Computerphile
Where GREP Came From – Computerphile
Hashing Algorithms and Security – Computerphile
SHA: Secure Hashing Algorithm – Computerphile
Secrets Hidden in Images (Steganography) – Computerphile
PDF, What is it FOR? – Computerphile
How Secure Shell Works (SSH) – Computerphile
Onion Routing – Computerphile
Programming Paradigms – Computerphile
Where HTML beats C? – Computerphile
Sorting Secret – Computerphile
Deep Learning – Computerphile
Deep Learning – Computerphile
How Face ID Works… Probably – Computerphile”>
What is a Monad? – Computerphile
Functional Programming & Haskell – Computerphile
Bicubic Interpolation – Computerphile
A* (A Star) Search Algorithm – Computerphile
What if the Universe is a Computer Simulation? – Computerphile
Video Game & Complex Bokeh Blurs – Computerphile
Securing Stream Ciphers (HMAC) – Computerphile
Taming Kerberos – Computerphile
TCP Meltdown – Computerphile
Elegant Compression in Text (The LZ 77 Method) – Computerphile


Getting Sorted & Big O Notation – Computerphile
Quick Sort – Computerphile


Recursion ‘Super Power’ (in Python) – Computerphile
Halting Problem in Python – Computerphile


Cryptographic Key Exchange

  • Secret Key Exchange (Diffie-Hellman)
  • Diffie Hellman -the Mathematics bit
  • Key Exchange Problems
  • Elliptic Curves

Neural Networks

  • Neural Network that Changes Everything
  • Inside a Neural Network
  • Deep Dream (Google)
  • Deep Learning

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