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Eleks Maker Laser Cutter 5.5W 5500MW with Benbox

GitHub: grbl
GitHub Wiki: Connecting Grbl

D12 = Laser On

D11 = Laser On (PWM)


5500mW A3 30x40cm Desktop DIY Violet Laser Engraver Picture CNC Printer Assembling Kits


X-Benbox , 300*400mm , 5500MW big DIY laser engraving machine,5.5W diy marking machine,diy laser engrave machine,advanced toys
X-Benbox , 300*400mm , 5500MW big DIY laser engraving machine , 5.5W diy marking machine,diy laser engrave machine,advanced toys

Kamera Module

Viele Kamera-Sensoren haben einen Bayer-Filter / Bayer-Sensor:

Please note that this is a Bayer sensor. You will have to do a large amount of post-processing on it to get YUV or RGB out.

Source 14mp mipi camera

Wikipedia: Bayer-Sensor
Bayer to RGB Demosaicing
How a Pixel Gets its Color | Bayer Sensor | Digital Image
UDACITY: Kurs Computational Photography

  • OV528
  • OV2640
  • OV7670
  • OV5642 (5MP)
  • OV8865 (OmniVision, 8MP)
  • OV9655
  • OV9712
  • CS5642 (5MP)
  • GC0309
  • S5C7322X
  • S5K433CA
  • SX5433M14X
  • IMX286 (Sony)

BananaPi BPI-M3 camera, one is OV5640(5M Pixel),and the other is OV8865(8M Pixel)

Resolution Sensor Vendor Camera Module Manufacture
0.3MP Omnivision OV7660 / OV7670 / OV7675 / OV7725 ArduCAM
0.3MP Aptina MT9V111/MT9V034 ArduCAM
1.3MP Aptina MT9M112 / MT9M001/AR0134 ArduCAM
2MP Omnivision OV2640 ArduCAM
2MP Aptina MT9D111 / MT9D112 ArduCAM
3MP Omnivision OV3640 ArduCAM
3MP Aptina MT9T112 ArduCAM
5MP Omnivision OV5640 / OV5642 ArduCAM
10MP Aptina MT9J001 ArduCAM
14MP Aptina MT9F002 ArduCAM

How to initiate CMOS camera GC0309?
github: Linux driver gc0309.c
VC0706 Camera Module DIY Guide
How to use OV7670 Camera Module with Arduino?
WaveShare Camera Modules


AVRcam nachbauen


ArduiCAM: Arduino Based Camera
ArduCAM ESP32 UNO, ArduCAM Library Introduction

Composite Video

China Fräser / Fräsköpfe

Drill Bits

HSS 4 Flute End Milling Cutter Drill Bit 3/16×1/4 Inch Straight Shank Engraving Tool
10pcs 1.5mm-3.175mm Carbide End Mill Engraving Bits For CNC Rotary Burrs
Drillpro 10pcs 1.3mm-3.175mm Carbide End Mill Engraving Bits for CNC PCB Rotary Burrs
Drillpro 10pcs 3.175mm Tungsten Steel Milling Cutter Bits End Mills
10pcs 1/8 Inch Shank 2 Flutes Carbide Ball Nose End Mills 17mm 2 Flute CNC Cutting Tool

LoPy and MicroPython

Internet of Things (IoT) Protocols & Standards
LoRa: The Things Network

kickstarter: LoPy – the LoRa, WiFi and Bluetooth IoT development platform, 8. Feb 2016 – 8. Mar 2016 (30 Tage)

kickstarter: Micro Python: Python for microcontrollers, 13. Nov 2013 – 13. Dez 2013 (30 Tage)
MicroPython – Python for microcontrollers
github: MicroPython – a lean and efficient Python implementation for microcontrollers and constrained systems

PyCom Announcements & News, (Update Firmware, etc.)


Pycom ESP32
Pycom LoPy: WLAN (old?)
Pycom LoPy: Quick reference for the LoPy (old?)
class LoRa (old?)
Python Module: Modularisierung
Python Tutorial: Module

FTDI Drivers

D2XX Drivers

Support Download
Support Download

Forum Posts

iC880 A SPI : Missing Payload in received Packet?
LoRaWAN ABP example => DevEUI
Connecting the lopy to my lorank8 gateway


How to solve the firmware update failures
Exciting open source news!
Firmware source code?


Username: micro
Password: python

Boot-Mode and Safe-Mode

Boot modes and safe boot
Safe boot

Using “The Things Network”

LoPy Usage

>>> CTRL-D
PYB: soft reboot
MicroPython v1.8.6-464-g0f843911 on 2017-02-17; LoPy with ESP32
Type "help()" for more information.

>>> import os
>>> os.uname().release

>>> os.uname()
(sysname='LoPy', nodename='LoPy', release='1.6.3.b2', version='v1.8.6-464-g0f843911 on 2017-02-17', machine='LoPy with ESP32', lorawan='1.0.0')
>>> import binascii
>>> import network
>>> import machine
>>> from network import LoRa

#  Device EUI
>>> lora = LoRa(mode=LoRa.LORAWAN)

>>> binascii.hexlify(network.LoRa().mac())
>>> binascii.hexlify(machine.unique_id())
>>> binascii.hexlify(network.WLAN().mac())
lora = LoRa(mode=LoRa.LORAWAN, sf=7, tx_power=14)

# create an OTAA authentication tuple (NWSkey, AppSKey, DevAddr)
auth = (bytes([0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX]),
        bytes([0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX]),
        0x69128CD3 )

lora.join(activation=LoRa.ABP, auth=auth, timeout=0)

while not lora.has_joined():
print('Trying to join LoRa network')
print('Joined LoRa Network')

s = socket.socket(socket.AF_LORA, socket.SOCK_RAW)

while True:
print('Sending Packet')
s.send('Hello from the LoPy')
print('Done sending')
import pycom
import machine
import time


button=machine.Pin("G17",machine.Pin.IN, pull=machine.Pin.PULL_UP)

def handler(button):

irq=button.callback(trigger=button.IRQ_FALLING, handler=handler)

Change Frequency

Changing Frequency region after upgrade
class LoRa

NRF5x Bluetooth Low Energy (LE, BLE, Smart)

Segger Embedded Studio
Embedded Studio License Activation for Nordic Semiconductor Devices (nRF)

Bluetooth Classic and LE? => Just LE!

Serial Port Profile vs. BLE

nRF52810 UART service (NUS) Solution (Raytac Module: MDBT42Q-192K)
Is there a serial port profile for BLE?
Nordic UART Service Client
Running examples that use a SoftDevice
Nordic UART Service

JavaScipt / Espruino / NodeJS

HowTo use S132 to for uart to Windows 10, OHTI Open Head Tracking Initiative
Espruino – JavaScript for Microcontrollers


Bluefruit nRF52 Feather Learning Guide


Nordic Tutorials

Nordic Tutorials Home
Software development Getting Started Guides
nRF5 Series: Developing with SEGGER Embedded Studio


Setting up an example project on the nRF51 DK, 2015
Development with GCC and Eclipse, 2015
Bluetooth low energy Services, a beginner’s tutorial, 2015
Getting started with the nRF51 or nRF52 Development Kit, 2016


nRF51822, Bluetooth Smart and 2.4GHz
nRF51 DK, Development Kit for Bluetooth
nRF5 SDK, Software Development Kit for the nRF51 Series and nRF52


  • 32-bit ARM Cortex M0 CPU, 16 MHz
  • 256kB/128kB Flash
  • 32kB/16kB RAM
  • 10-bit ADC, UART, SPI, I2C, RTC, 31 x GPIO
  • Bluetooth LE (BLE)

The embedded 2.4GHz transceiver supports both Bluetooth Smart and the Nordic Gazell 2.4 GHz protocol stack which is on air compatible with the nRF24L series products from Nordic Semiconductor.

  • Bluetooth Smart
  • Nordic Gazell 2.4 GHz (= nRF24L)


The micro:bit runtime and mbed programming

micro:bit Lancaster University

micro:bit runtime
MicroBit (uBit)
Yotta Offline-Toolchain

Clock Frequency

Does nrf51822 have a clock?
What low-frequency clock sources can I use?


nRF52810, High performance, entry-level Bluetooth 5/ANT/2.4GHz SoC
nRF52832, Advanced performance Bluetooth5/ANT/2.4GHz proprietary SoC
nRF52840, High-end Bluetooth 5/Thread/802.15.4/ANT/2.4GHz multiprotocol SoC


  • 32-bit ARM Cortex M4F CPU, 64 MHz
  • 512kB/256kB Flash
  • 64kB/32kB RAM
  • 12-bit ADC, UART, SPI, I2C, RTC, 32 x GPIO
  • Bluetooth LE (BLE) / Bluetooth 5

Nordic Thingy:52

Nordic Thingy:52
Nordic Thingy:52 – Get Started
Nordic Thingy:52 v2.1.0 – Firmware Documentation
Digikey – IoT-Sensor-Kit Thingy:52
Mouser – Thingy:52 IoT-Sensor-Development-Kit
Espruino – Nordic Thingy:52

arm mbed

Nordic nRF51-DK
Nordic nRF52-DK
Nordic nRF52840-DK
Yotta Offline-Toolchain
yotta Documentation



Software, Programmer app for nRF Connect (Node.js)
nRF52840 Dongle Programming Tutorial

Boards and SoftDevices

Supported SoftDevices:
S112 v6.1.x, Memory-optimized Bluetooth 5 protocol stack with dual peripheral and broadcaster roles
S132 v6.1.x, Bluetooth 5 qualified, 20-link protocol stack, all 4 Bluetooth Low Energy roles
S140 v6.1.x, Concurrent multi-role Bluetooth 5 protocol stack
– S212 v5.0.x

Supported boards:
PCA10040, nRF52832
– PCA10040E (nRF52810 emulation on PCA10040)
PCA10056, nRF52840
PCA10059 (support in selected examples)
– D52DK1 from Garmin Canada (only for ANT examples)
nRF52832-MDK, nRF52832-mdk


CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers


nRF24L01, Transceiver only
nRF24L01+, Transceiver only
nRF24LE1, enhanced 16MHz 8-bit 8051 compatible CPU
nRF24LU1+, enhanced 16MHz 8-bit 8051-compatible CPU


Nordic nRF51 Platform


nRF5x Development with GCC and Eclipse
Getting Started with nRF51822
Starting Development with Nordic nRF5X and GCC on Linux (Part 1)
Starting Development with Nordic nRF5X and GCC on Linux + Eclipse (Part 2)
nRF51822 Begins – nRF-DK, GCC, ADC, UART/BLE
nRF51 Development Kit complete setup for Linux


Bluetooth 4.0 NRF51822 Eval Kit
Waveshare BLE400 — Zephyr Project Documentation


NRF51822 Eval Kit


F10643 NRF51822 Drahtlose Bluetooth Modul Networking Modul
J34 Kostenloser Versand NRF51822 BLE4.0 Bluetooth Evaluation Board 2,4G Drahtlose Kommunikationsmodul

infor-link: connect more devices…

github, nRF51822 and nRF52832 based baords, e.g. BLE Nano, RBL_nRF51822, Nano 2 and Blend 2


RedBear Blend V2 (Retired)
RedBear Blend V2
RedBear BLE Module MB-N2 (2 pack)
Particle Debugger

Bluetooth Client (Linux / Windows)

nRF Connect for Desktop
Qt Bluetooth
Qt Bluetooth Low Energy Overview, Desktop library for BLE development using nRF5, nrfutil python library and command line client


AdaFruit Stuff

AdaFruit CircuitPython on the nRF52 – nRF52840 Bootloader

nRF52 Chip Revision

Is there any difference between nRF52832-QFAAB0 and nRF52832-QFAAE0?
How do i interpret things written on my nrf52832 chip?

Which SoftDevice for nRF52832?

  • compatibility matrix

S132 vs S140
nRF52832 Compatibility Matrix
what’s the difference between different softdevices

Compile SDK Examples with Makefile

Specify Toolchain

$ cd ~/src/nrf51/nRF5_SDK_15.2.0_9412b96/examples/peripheral/serial/pca10056/blank/armgcc
$ make
make: /usr/local/gcc-arm-none-eabi-6-2017-q2-update/bin/arm-none-eabi-gcc: Command not found
Cannot find: '/usr/local/gcc-arm-none-eabi-6-2017-q2-update/bin/arm-none-eabi-gcc'.
Please set values in: "/home/andreas/src/nrf51/nRF5_SDK_15.2.0_9412b96/components/toolchain/gcc/Makefile.posix"
according to the actual configuration of your system.
../../../../../../components/toolchain/gcc/Makefile.common:129: *** Cannot continue.  Stop.