Qt QTableView / QAbstractTableModel / QTextTable

Qt Widgets
Model/View Tutorial
Star Delegate Example
Model/View Programming
Presenting SQL Data in a Table View

QTabWidget Class
QTextTable Class
QHeaderView Class (
QAbstractTableModel Class
QAbstractItemModel Class
enum Qt::ItemDataRole

Handling Selections in Item Views

when i use “QScreen *screen = QGuiApplication::primaryScreen()” ,i get nullpt

Columns auto-resize to size of QTableView
How to update QTableView on QAbstractTableModel Change
ModelView with QTableView and QItemDelegate
Using QTableView with a model
Creating QTextTable And Inserting Data
QtextTable draw your own boarders
How to change row height in QTextTable
How to disable selection highlighting in a QTableWidget
How to set row height of QTableView?
Disable selecting row or column by clicking the header in QTableWidget

Focus Rectangle / Border Selection

Hide the border of the selected cell in qtablewidget in pyqt? (WORKS!)
How to disable selection highlighting in a QTableWidget
how to change style on a selected row
QTableWidget. Disable selection completely.

Row Height / Column Width

How to set row height of QTableView?
QTableView column width

Hide Vertical Header

How to remove the vertical header in QStandardItemModel?

Hide Column

Qt hide column in QTableView

Add QWidget or custom Painting in TableView

Adding button to QTableview
Star Delegate Example
Designing Delegates


Centering the text of a vertical header in a QTableView?


How to change the header background color of a QTableView
How to change QTableWidget header color and selection color ?
QTableView/QTableWidget grid stylesheet – grid line width

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