Qt Layouts without Designer

Layouts without Designer


Aligning qlabel text in centre
QLabel text align wit StyleSheet
setAlignment in Layout
Qt: Align Text Center and Left using StyleSheet

QSizePolicy, SizeHint, Stretch

QSizePolicy Class

Can’t get a widget to grow properly when I resize the window
Understanding form layout mechanisms in Qt
Qt SizePolicy and sizeHint
How to properly size Qt widgets?

enum Qt::AlignmentFlag / flags Qt::Alignment

Qt Namespace

Constant Value Description
Qt::AlignLeft 0x0001 Aligns with the left edge.
Qt::AlignRight 0x0002 Aligns with the right edge.
Qt::AlignHCenter 0x0004 Centers horizontally in the available space.
Qt::AlignJustify 0x0008 Justifies the text in the available space.
Qt::AlignTop 0x0020 Aligns with the top.
Qt::AlignBottom 0x0040 Aligns with the bottom.
Qt::AlignVCenter 0x0080 Centers vertically in the available space.
Qt::AlignBaseline 0x0100 Aligns with the baseline.

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