Getting started, A storage location for all kinds of example FreeCAD files


FreeCAD 0.18 Pre Release

Assemlby Workbench, Experimental attempt for the next generation assembly workbench for FreeCAD
FreeCAD_assembly3 Releases


FreeCad Tutorial – Modellkonstruktion (Schiffbau)



FreeCAD 0.17 Tutorial für Anfänger in Deutsch
FreeCAD deutsch
FreeCAD Tutorial 01 – Turners Cube, 20.03.2014
FreeCAD Tutorial 05 – Gabellager, 21.04.2014
FreeCAD Tutorial 09 – Aussengewinde, 05.08.2014
FreeCAD Tutorial 11 – Vogelfutterspender, 05.09.2014


FreeCAD Lessons for Beginners (english)
FreeCAD Lesson 11 – Bird Feeder, 25.10.2015

Freecad course – Assembly, examle: plastic casing, 04.06.2017
Tutorial Freecad 0.17- ASSEMBLY 2 Workbench, 28.02.2017
[008] Prototype Enclosures with FreeCAD & OpenSCAD, 08.07.2017
Freecad course – Assembly, example: fidget spinner, 15.07.2017
FreeCAD – Make a simple Valentine’s Heart, 14.02.2017
FreeCAD assembly2 workbench in action, 02.12.2014
Placing Parts in FreeCAD, 19.02.2014

Sweep and Loft Utility (Part Workbench)

kleine Anleitung für Loft in 0.17
FreeCAD Tutorial Part 8 Sweep and Loft Utility
Loft tool in FreeCAD is very Similar to Solidworks
FreeCAD Loft Command | Basic Tutorial
FreeCAD Tutorial – Feature – Loft 1 (Part Workbench)

Arch Workbench

FreeCAD Tutorial: How to Create Tower from Tubular Items

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