Microsoft Teams oder Skype für ARM64 (Raspberry Pi, etc.)

Windows 10 ARM

Raspberry Pi: Windows 10 installieren – so klappt’s, Getting Windows 10 ARM
Windows 10 auf einem Raspberry Pi 4 installieren
How-to: installing windows 10 arm64 (17134) on your raspberry pi 3 and 4


Raspberry Pi: x86 Emulator ExaGear installieren
x86-Programme auf dem RasPi ausführen


How to use a Raspberry Pi with Microsoft Teams

Please support MS Teams on arm64 linux (Raspberry Pi 4B is a decent desktop for the masses)

Microsoft Forum: Microsoft Teams on Linux ARM64 (arm64, etc.)

$ sudo dpkg -i teams-for-linux_1.0.5_arm64.deb 
Selecting previously unselected package teams-for-linux.
(Reading database ... 134971 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack teams-for-linux_1.0.5_arm64.deb ...
Unpacking teams-for-linux (1.0.5) ...
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of teams-for-linux:
 teams-for-linux depends on libxss1; however:
  Package libxss1 is not installed.

dpkg: error processing package teams-for-linux (--install):
 dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
Processing triggers for gnome-menus (3.36.0-1ubuntu1) ...
Processing triggers for desktop-file-utils (0.24-1ubuntu4) ...
Processing triggers for mime-support (3.64ubuntu1) ...
Processing triggers for hicolor-icon-theme (0.17-2) ...
Errors were encountered while processing:

$ sudo apt-get install -f
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
Correcting dependencies... Done
The following additional packages will be installed:
The following NEW packages will be installed:
0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 193 not upgraded.
1 not fully installed or removed.
Need to get 8’080 B of archives.
After this operation, 32.8 kB of additional disk space will be used.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n] y
Get:1 groovy/main arm64 libxss1 arm64 1:1.2.3-1 [8’080 B]
Fetched 8’080 B in 0s (39.5 kB/s)      
Selecting previously unselected package libxss1:arm64.
(Reading database ... 135066 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack .../libxss1_1%3a1.2.3-1_arm64.deb ...
Unpacking libxss1:arm64 (1:1.2.3-1) ...
Setting up libxss1:arm64 (1:1.2.3-1) ...
Setting up teams-for-linux (1.0.5) ...
chmod: cannot access '/opt/teams-for-linux/chrome-sandbox': No such file or directory
Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.32-0ubuntu3) ...

Teams for Linux (amd64, armhf)

$ lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID:	Ubuntu
Description:	Ubuntu 20.10
Release:	20.10
Codename:	groovy

$ uname -a
Linux snm-rpi1 5.8.0-1006-raspi #9-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Fri Oct 16 12:55:30 UTC 2020 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux

$ sudo snap install teams-for-linux
error: snap "teams-for-linux" is not available on stable for this architecture (arm64) but exists
       on other architectures (amd64, armhf).

Microsoft Forum: Native ARM64 Version of Teams Now Available

Native ARM64 Version of Teams Now Available


Run Skype On Raspberry Pi

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