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STM32 g-code Parser (grbl/CNC/3D Printing)


Marlin (old?) (old?)

Super Gerbil, the STM32 based Gcode controller
STM32 grbl
GRBL STM32duino?


Marlin G-code Index
G Codes
G0 vs G1 Gcode


STEVAL-3DP001V1: Reference design for FDM 3D printing
UM2067 User manual: Getting started with the 3D printer board
STEVAL-3DP001V1: Plug-n-play solution for 3D printers


Basic Movements with G-Code
3d Printers G-Code Explored and Explained with Examples
Creating a custom GCODE command – Extending Marlin Firmware

Original AVR
ARM discussion #67


ownClound / SWITCHdrive

CSync unspecified error

c:\Program Files (x86)\switchdrive>switchdrive.exe --logfile c:\Users\andreas\switchdrive_2021_05_28_2.txt

05-28 09:44:50:164 [ warning sync.database.sql ]:	Sqlite step statement error: 11 "database disk image is malformed" in "SELECT path, inode, modtime, type, md5, fileid, remotePerm, filesize,  ignoredChildrenRemote, || ':' || contentChecksum FROM metadata  LEFT JOIN checksumtype as contentchecksumtype ON metadata.contentChecksumTypeId == WHERE phash=?1"
05-28 09:44:50:164 [ warning sync.database ]:	No journal entry found for  "ZHAW_Assistent/FotoFinder/BA19_bmat_02_CoolingStation/2.Recherche/files/104/icon-instagram.svg" Error:  "database disk image is malformed"
05-28 09:44:50:164 [ info sync.database ]:	Closing DB "C:/Users/andreas/switchdrive/._sync_1f3ce89cbf1f.db"
05-28 09:44:50:166 [ warning sync.engine ]:	ERROR during  csync_update :  "CSync unspecified error."
05-28 09:44:50:182 [ info sync.database ]:	Closing DB "C:/Users/andreas/switchdrive/._sync_1f3ce89cbf1f.db"
05-28 09:44:50:182 [ info sync.engine ]:	CSync run took  7183 ms
05-28 09:44:50:182 [ info gui.socketapi ]:	Sending SocketAPI message --> "STATUS:OK:C:\\Users\\andreas\\switchdrive" to QLocalSocket(0x93bb298)
05-28 09:44:50:182 [ info gui.folder ]:	Client version 2.5.4daily20190604 (build 1865)  Qt 5.11.2  SSL  OpenSSL 1.1.1  11 Sep 2018
05-28 09:44:50:182 [ warning gui.folder ]:	SyncEngine finished with ERROR
05-28 09:44:50:182 [ info gui.folder ]:	Folder sync result:  2
05-28 09:44:50:182 [ info gui.folder ]:	the last 3 syncs failed
05-28 09:44:50:182 [ info gui.socketapi ]:	Sending SocketAPI message --> "STATUS:OK:C:\\Users\\andreas\\switchdrive" to QLocalSocket(0x93bb298)
05-28 09:44:50:183 [ info gui.socketapi ]:	Sending SocketAPI message --> "UPDATE_VIEW:C:\\Users\\andreas\\switchdrive" to QLocalSocket(0x93bb298)

ownCloud Client Manual – Appendix C: Troubleshooting
Owncloud Datenbank-Probleme

Download sqlite3: SQLite Download Page,

SQLite Commands
Command Line Shell For SQLite

C:\Users\andreas\switchdrive>c:\sqlite-tools-win32-x86-3350500\sqlite3.exe C:/Users/andreas/switchdrive/._sync_1f3ce89cbf1f.db
SQLite version 3.35.5 2021-04-19 18:32:05
Enter ".help" for usage hints.

sqlite> PRAGMA integrity_check;
row 39975 missing from index sqlite_autoindex_metadata_1

sqlite> reindex;

sqlite> PRAGMA integrity_check;

sqlite> .exit

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

Windows Subsystem for Linux Installation Guide for Windows 10

WSL2 Ubuntu GUI (with RDP)
How to install Linux GUI apps with WSL 2 on Windows 10 (Windows 10 Build 21364)
WSL2 soll Linux-GUIs anzeigen können (Wayland Display Server)
GUI-Anwendungen ausführen im Windows Subsystem für Linux (WSL)
Windows Subsystem for Linux GUI startet grafische Linux-Programme, Enabling the Windows Subsystem for Linux to include support for Wayland and X server related scenarios

vscode GDB display memory

In computing, endianness is the order or sequence of bytes of a word of digital data in computer memory. Endianness is primarily expressed as big-endian (BE) or little-endian (LE). A big-endian system stores the most significant byte of a word at the smallest memory address and the least significant byte at the largest. A little-endian system, in contrast, stores the least-significant byte at the smallest address.

  • big-endian: most significant byte in smallest memory address
  • little-endian: least significant byte at the smallest address

Question: How to display memory during a debug session #1503
Examine/display memory and register in gdb

const char  str[] = "hello world!";
const int   k = -15;  
-exec x/s str
0x7ff608319998 <str>:    "hello world!"

-exec x/13xb str
0x7ff608319998 <str>:    0x68    0x65    0x6c    0x6c    0x6f    0x20    0x77    0x6f
0x7ff6083199a0 <str+8>:  0x72    0x6c    0x64    0x21    0x00

-exec x &k
0x7ff6083199a8 <k>:      0xf1

-exec x/d &k
0x7ff6083199a8 <k>:      -15

-exec x/4b &k
0x7ff6083199a8 <k>:      -15    -1    -1    -1

-exec x/4xb &k
0x7ff6083199a8 <k>:      0xf1    0xff    0xff    0xff

-exec p sine
$2 = {0x7ff608319000 <sine_300> "", 0x7ff608319260 <sine_400> "", 0x7ff608319420 <sine_500> "", 0x7ff608319580 <sine_600> "", 0x7ff6083196a0 <sine_700> "", 0x7ff6083197a0 <sine_800> "", 0x7ff608319880 <sine_900> ""}

-exec x/7xg &sine
0x7ff608318020 <sine>:       0x00007ff608319000    0x00007ff608319260
0x7ff608318030 <sine+16>:    0x00007ff608319420    0x00007ff608319580
0x7ff608318040 <sine+32>:    0x00007ff6083196a0    0x00007ff6083197a0
0x7ff608318050 <sine+48>:    0x00007ff608319880

-exec x/8xh sine[0]
0x7ff608319000 <sine_300>:	0x0000	0x0000	0x0579	0x0578	0x0aeb	0x0aee	0x1062	0x105d

-exec x/8xh sine[1]
0x7ff608319260 <sine_400>:	0x0000	0x0000	0x074b	0x074a	0x0e8d	0x0e90	0x15ca	0x15c6

-exec x/8xh &m_wave
0x7ff7c3f2d060 <m_wave>:	0x0000	0x0000	0x02bc	0x0578	0x0aeb	0x0aee	0x1062	0x105d

-exec x/8xh wave_16bit
0x7ff7c3f2d060 <m_wave>:	0x0000	0x0000	0x02bc	0x0578	0x0aeb	0x0aee	0x1062	0x105d

-exec tui enable
Cannot enable the TUI when the interpreter is 'mi'

-exec show endian
The target endianness is set automatically (currently little endian).

GCC/clang __attribute__


How exactly does __attribute__((constructor)) work?
GCC __attribute__((constructor)) is called before object constructor
C++ static initialization vs __attribute__((constructor))
__attribute__((constructor[(priority)])) function attribute
__attribute__((constructor(priority))) function attribute


__attribute__((init_priority(X))) in GCC


__attribute__((weak)) and static libraries

void noOsSystickHandler() { } // empty 
void osSystickHandler() __attribute__((weak, alias("noOsSystickHandler")));