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Free SSL Certificate / Zertifikat

Let’s Encrypt
Let’s Encrypt Glossar

ZeroSSL – FREE SSL Certificate Wizard

Wie Sie ein Let’s Encrypt Zertifikat erstellen und in ein Webhosting-Produkt einbinden
Certbot: Let’s Encrypt TLS-Zertifikate für Mailserver (Deprecated!)

Multiple SSL Certificates with One IP Address

Server Name Indication (SNI)
Using Multiple SSL Certificates in Apache with One IP Address
Apache SNI Browser Support
Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificates – Using Subject Alternative Names
Was ist Server Name Indication (SNI)?
SSL vs. TLS – Worin bestehen die Unterschiede?
SNI (Server Name Indication)


pfctl cheat sheet

FreeBSD 12 & BIND 914

FreeBSD: Install an authoritative DNS server (BIND) (with DNSSEC)

Test / Analyzer

MX Toolbox – SuperTool
DNS Checker
Verisign Labs – DNSSEC Analyzer

$ ls /usr/local/etc/namedb
namedb -> /var/named/etc/namedb

$ ls -la /var/named

$ ls -la /var/named/etc/namedb

$ cat /etc/fstab
# Device        Mountpoint      FStype    Options           Dump    Pass#
/dev/ada0p2     /               ufs       rw                1       1
/dev/ada0p3     none            swap      sw                0       0
/dev/ada0p4     /var            ufs       rw                2       2
/dev/ada0p5     /tmp            ufs       rw                2       2
/dev/ada0p6     /usr            ufs       rw                2       2
fdesc           /dev/fd         fdescfs   rw                0       0
devfs           /var/named/dev  devfs     rw,ruleset=4      0       0
$ /usr/local/sbin/named -fg -t /var/named -u bind -c /usr/local/etc/namedb/named.conf

Qt: Qt/C++ – Tutorial

Qt/C++ – Lesson 004. QSqlTableModel – How to present the table from database?
Qt/C++ – Lesson 008. QDataWidgetMapper – Working with the database via a widget
Qt/C++ – Lesson 019. How to paint triangle in Qt5. Positioning shapes in QGraphicsScene
Qt/C++ – Lesson 021. The drawing mouse in Qt
Qt/C++ – Lesson 027. Polymorphism in Qt by the example of geometric shapes in QGraphicsScene
Qt/C++ – Lesson 036. QWebView – How to make simple browser on the Qt
Qt/C++ – Lesson 045. SvgReader on the Qt. Loading data from SVG file into QGraphicsScene
Qt/C++ – Lesson 050. Logging Qt application events to a text file
Qt/C++ – Lesson 054. Reading data from a CSV file, and their representation via QStandardItemModel
Qt/C++ – Lesson 056. Connecting the Boost library in Qt for MinGW and MSVC compilers
Qt/C++ – Tutorial 063. Adding windows inside the main application window using QMdiArea
Qt/C++ – Tutorial 067. Using QMultiMap for a dictionary of synonyms
Qt/C++ – Tutorial 068. Hello World using the CMAKE build system in CLion
Qt/C++ – Tutorial 069. XOR Encryption
Qt/C++ – Tutorial 070. Crop image using QGraphicsScene
Qt/C++ – Tutorial 072. An example of a vector editor on Qt
Qt/C++ – Tutorial 073. Signals and slots. Connecting Slots to Overloaded Signals in the Qt5 Syntax
Qt/C++ – Tutorial 075. Improving the syntax of signals and slots in Qt 5.7 and above for overloaded signals and slots
Qt/C++ – Tutorial 076. Visualizing Mathematical Formulas on Qt
Qt/C++ – Tutorial 078. Do not mix the old syntax of signals and slots on SIGNAL SLOT macros with new syntax on pointers
Qt/C++ – Tutorial 079. foreach vs range-based for in C++11?
Qt/C++ – Tutorial 081. How to make a base class for widgets using ui form files
Qt/C++ – Tutorial 082. Custom widgets in the Qt Designer
Qt/C++ – Tutorial 083. Creating a dynamic library and connecting it to another project
Qt/C++ – Tutorial 084. How to run JavaScript code in a C ++ application using the example of working with two variables
Qt/C++ – Tutorial 086. Using QSequentialAnimationGroup and QPropertyAnimation to move a button
Qt/C++ – Tutorial 087. Get the maximum number of multiple input fields QLineEdit
Qt/C++ – Tutorial 088. Text search with highlighting in QTextEdit


Qt WinAPI – Lesson 009. SetWindowsHookEx – Logging mouse events via WinAPI

LaTeX: Custom Titles / Sections


Nice customised titlepage for every section (scrartcl)



Incompatibilities between KOMA-Script and titlesec


The titlesec and titletoc Packages (PDF)
Spacing before and after section titles