Change MAC Address in Windows


Win7 MAC Address Changer v2.0
SMAC 2.0
How to change your MAC Address in Windows 7 Registry

String: NetworkAddress = 12DEADFACE21


How Can I Change the MAC Address for My Wireless Adapter? => you can’t!!
Changed MAC address of Wireless card being ignored?
Connect to Wi-Fi access point with specific MAC address


How To…

… dock a Window to the Panel area


Very Simple Designs

Inkscape Tutorial: Fancy Borders
Inkscape tutorial: Sketch and Hatch

Working with Guides in Inkscape
Units In Inkscape

Live Path Effects (LPEs)
Pattern Along Path (LPE)
From inkscape ( Vector ) to 3D printed geometric coaster
Inkscape Extension for Bobbin Lace Grounds
drawing lace with Inkscape
Editing the SVG Ground Traversal Patterns
Create regular zigzag

How to Make Almost Anything

Revisiting “Rosaleen”
Round 5? Meh…

Tatting by the Bay

Week One: Project Brainstorming and Management
Week Two: Computer Controlled Cutting

coaster laser
inkscape python hypnotic drawing
inkscape Geometric coaster mat laser
inkscape drawing lace
inkscape geometric symmetric drawing

drawing lace with Inkscape
play with spiro and path effects tutorial


Script extensions
Introduction to inkscape python extention
Python modules for extensions
Generating objects from extensions


Laser cut textiles – design inspiration board
Lazer cutting


Popular items for wood cut
Geometric Wood Cut Coasters // Laser Cut Adler Wood // Drink Coasters // Set of 5


Laser Cutting On Air!
Small Business Stories: interview with clock designer Maiko Kuzinishi


The Eggbot Extensions
Post process trace bitmap
Spiral Wrapped Text
Preset hatch for fills
Hatch fill

Syscall / System Call / vDSO in FreeBSD and Linux

vsyscall / vDSO

vDSOs (virtual dynamically linked shared objects)
What are vdso and vsyscall?
Creating a vDSO: the Colonel’s Other Chicken
On vsyscalls and the vDSO
Linux syscall, vsyscall, and vDSO… Oh My!
What is

Sysenter Based System Call Mechanism in Linux 2.6
How to invoke a system call via sysenter in inline assembly (x86/amd64 linux)?
Intel x86 vs x64 system call
Call gate
System Calls
Debugging in AMD64 64-bit Mode in Theory

Comparison of command shells


Linux kernel interfaces
The Linux Programming Interface
System call
wait (system call)
read (system call)

Linux System Calls Overview
Where is the system call table in linux kernel v3.9?
Where is the system call table in linux kernel v3.9?
Adding a System call for Linux 3.10 x86_64
ARM Kernel-provided User Helpers
Add new system call to linux kernel…
Linux Syscall Reference for Kernel 2.6
List of Linux/i386 system calls for Kernel 2.6
man syscalls – Linux system calls


Adding Syscalls To FreeBSD
runtime: reconsider using SYSCALL instruction on FreeBSD
Reading the FreeBSD Kernel

grep -r sysenter .
grep -r sysexit .
grep -r db_inst_0f0x .
grep -r db_inst_0f .
grep -r "int 0x80" .
grep -r "syscall" .
grep -r "sys/syscall.h" .
grep -r "sy_call" .
grep -r sigtramp.S .
grep -r "NON_GPROF_ENTRY(sigcode)" .
grep -r "sigcode" .
grep -r SYS_sigreturn .
#include <sys/syscall.h>





cpu_fetch_syscall_args(struct thread *td, struct syscall_args *sa)

 * System call handler for native binaries.  The trap frame is already
 * set up by the assembler trampoline and a pointer to it is saved in
 * td_frame.
amd64_syscall(struct thread *td, int traced)

./kern/subr_syscall.c:syscallenter(struct thread *td, struct syscall_args *sa)

static inline int
syscallenter(struct thread *td, struct syscall_args *sa)
        struct proc *p;
        int error, traced;

        p = td->td_proc;
        error = (p->p_sysent->sv_fetch_syscall_args)(td, sa);

                error = syscall_thread_enter(td, sa->callp);

                AUDIT_SYSCALL_ENTER(sa->code, td);
                error = (sa->callp->sy_call)(td, sa->args);
                AUDIT_SYSCALL_EXIT(error, td);

                syscall_thread_exit(td, sa->callp);

./amd64/amd64/db_trace.c:       sy_call_t *f;
./amd64/amd64/db_trace.c:               f = p->p_sysent->sv_table[number].sy_call;


The arguments of sys_sigreturn
svn commit: r245414 – head/sys/arm/arm/locore.S



Wikipedia: INT (x86 instruction)


List of ARM microarchitectures

  • ARM9E (ARMv5TEJ => ARM926EJ-S)
  • ARM10E (ARMv5TEJ => ARM1026EJ-S)
  • ARM11 (ARMv6Z => ARM1176JZ(F)-S)
  • Cortex-M (ARMv7E-M => Cortex-M4)
  • Cortex-A 32-bit (ARMv7-A => Cortex-A17)
  • Cortex-A 64-bit (ARMv8-A => Cortex-A57)

Thumb software interrupt and breakpoint instructions > Software interrupt (SWI)
Developing software for Cortex-M3 > Supervisor Calls (SVC) => formerly SWI
ARM and Thumb Instructions > Hypervisor Call (HVC) (Virtualization Extensions)
SWI : SoftWare Interrupt
Keil: SWI Functions, run in Supervisor Mode of ARM7 and ARM9, interrupt protected
Keil: SVC Functions, run in Privileged Handler Mode of the Cortex-M core
Are ARM instructuons SWI and SVC exactly same thing?
How to use the SWI in ARM Cortex A9 for enabling the IRQ interrupt?
Which Cortex-M3 interrupts can I use for general purpose work?
Effective Use of ARM Cortex-M3 SVCall

Windowing System, Desktop Environment, Window Manager

Windowing System

Windowing system
Display server

X Window System

X Window System

Remote Desktop

Desktop Environment

Desktop Environments
Comparison of X Window System desktop environments
What kinds of desktop environments and shells are available?

Window Manager

Window Manager
Comparison of X Window Managers

How to determine which window manager is running

$ sudo apt-get install wmctrl
$ man wmctrl
-m  Display information about the window manager ...
$ wmctrl -m
Name: Metacity


Compositing Window Manager

Widget Toolkits

List of widget toolkits