Ghidra Xtensa ISA

Analyzing an esp32 flash dump with ghidra
Enter /home/dragon with Ghidra, Tensilica Xtensa processor module for Ghidra

Implementing a New CPU Architecture for Ghidra (PDF)
Quick Guide to Creating a Processor in Ghidra

C:\Users\andreas\Downloads\ghidra_9.2.2_PUBLIC>support\sleigh.bat -a Ghidra\Processors\Xtensa
INFO  Using log config file: jar:file:/C:/Users/andreas/Downloads/ghidra_9.2.2_PUBLIC/Ghidra/Framework/Generic/lib/Generic.jar!/generic.log4j.xml (LoggingInitialization)
INFO  Using log file: C:\Users\andreas\.ghidra\.ghidra_9.2.2_PUBLIC\application.log (LoggingInitialization)
Compiling Ghidra\Processors\Xtensa\data\languages\xtensa.slaspec:
WARN  2 NOP constructors found (SleighCompile)
WARN  Use -n switch to list each individually (SleighCompile)

1 languages successfully compiled, IDAPython plugin for Tensilica Xtensa (as seen in ESP8266), version 2

General Ghidra

What’re you telling me, Ghidra? An introduction to Ghidra’s primary components

General ESP

ESP32 Programmers’ Memory Model

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